Announcing a Logo Design Contest!

The Experimental Game Lab (EGL) would like to invite Digital Media and Computational Media students to help us rebrand our lab and website.

We’re requesting design submissions for a new logo and web brand. If your entry is selected, you’ll win an assortment of free video games from the EGL vault, not to mention a great-looking portfolio piece to show off.

Entries should be submitted no later than March 1st.  Winners will be announced by March 15th, and the new design will be implemented in April.

How to Enter:

  • Design an EGL brand or logo that can be easily translated into web, print materials, and signage
  • Use this branding system to develop a web site design created by modifying an existing WorldPress 3.0 theme.  For reference, we’re currently operating with a slightly modified Purple Vector theme
  • Submit the following items to
    • A NAME for your concept (e.g., Space Clouds)
    • A STYLE SHEET (jpeg or pdf) showing all the elements of your system (color, typeface, logo if applicable, textures, other graphical treatments, examples of how it can be used on posters, signage, postcards, etc.)
    • A WEB DESIGN concept, conveyed in 1-2 comps/mock-ups of your proposed design (jpeg or PDF) based a proposed modification of existing WordPress theme
    • The name and a link to the WordPress theme you are modifying

The winning designer will be asked to submit the following by April:

  • Implementation of the WordPress theme modification for use as the new EGL web site, including integrating initial launch content
  • Templates for physical artifacts: a sign for the EGL in TSRB, posters/flyers to be used for announcing EGL events, and postcards that can be handed out at conferences and other public events

Design Constraints
The design should:

  • Convey the idea of “experimental games”
  • Be playful, fresh, contemporary, and creative, capturing the humanistic and cultural focus of the EGL. The design should veer away from too heavy an emphasis on retro gaming (although references to this may be used), or on high-tech imagery.
  • Visually embody the EGL’s Mission:
    • “The Experimental Game Lab (EGL), housed in the School of Literature, Communication and Culture’s Digital Media Program, is an interdisciplinary research community comprised of groups and individuals engaged in a broad array of experimentation that brings together humanities, computer science, design and the arts through a unique blend of theory and practice. Our aim is to investigate and extend the expressive capabilities of games, to foster critical analysis, and to better understand and influence the role of video games in culture.”
  • Capture the same basic content and categories of the current EGL web site, with the addition of a Blogroll, as well two new categories: Education and Projects. The current web site can be found here:
  • Should have a space somewhere on the main page for a branded link to the Games @ Georgia Tech web site and the Digital Media web site.

For questions, please contact  As a reminder, DM and CM students are always welcome to spend time in the EGL at TSRB 113, as it makes a terrific space for study, meetings, and research-oriented play.

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